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New FDA Warnings Don’t Go Far Enough, Essure Critics Say

How often do you read warning labels on the products you use regularly? And how much weight do you give those warnings?

FDA Requiring Bayer to Complete A Post-Market Study

The Food and Drug Administration has announced a new requirement for Essure packaging: warning labels and a patient decision checklist. The FDA will also require Bayer, the medical device’s manufacturer, to conduct post-market studies of the sterilization coils. This decision comes after more than 5,000 adverse event reports from women who have had Essure implanted in their Fallopian tubes. The device, designed to permanently prevent pregnancy, has been known to break apart and move around within the body. For some women, these complications have meant chronic headaches, bleeding, unintended pregnancies and even hysterectomies. The FDA is now requiring Bayer to complete a post-market study of the device.

Some Say the Essure Device Should be Recalled

For some anti-Essure advocates, the FDA’s requirements don’t go far enough to protect women who might consider using Essure. Though the studies required of Bayer might seem like a good idea to better understand the potential problems with the device, Essure remains in the marketplace, potentially harming countless other women as the research is conducted. As long as Essure remains on the market, the critics say,  there is risk for women.

When the Risks Outweigh the Benefits

The decision to choose the birth control that is right for you is a critical one. We need to ensure women have all the facts about a given product, and when that product’s risks outweigh its benefits, it needs to be taken off the shelf. No woman would expect to experience the symptoms related to this device, nor would they anticipate needing multiple surgeries to remove Essure. Yet this exact scenario has occurred time and time again. The study and its results should have been factored into the initial approval of the product, not an afterthought more than a decade after its release.

While we applaud the FDA for implementing the new warning label requirement of Bayer, more needs to be done to protect the women who are considering using Essure.

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