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FDA investigates Essure after thousands complain

As consumers, we rely on federal agencies to protect us against hazardous products. When that responsibility is not taken seriously, the FDA puts millions of people at risk. That’s why the latest Essure news is such a relief for women across the country.

The Food and Drug Administration has begun an investigation into the controversial birth control device Essure. This news comes after thousands of women have voiced their complaints about the product.

Many of these women have turned to social media to lament their troubles to others with similar negative reactions to Essure. Some report chronic pain, while others have needed surgery to remove the device from where it became lodged in their organs.

The investigation launched by the FDA will require additional clinical testing of Essure, as well as a warning label on the box. Doctors will now also be required to go through a checklist of questions with their patients about whether the device is right for them. More than 750,000 of these devices have been sold worldwide.

The makers of Essure, Bayer, stand behind their product. They’ve acknowledged the problems that some women have experienced, but are dismissive in their official statement. “We are particularly concerned about statements that may be creating an atmosphere of unfounded fear,” the company said.

Essure Injury Lawsuits

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