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Congressman Calls for FDA to Withdraw Approval of Essure

Chronic pelvic pain. Hair loss. Fatigue. Depression. Slurred speech. Blurred vision.

These are all symptoms that women with a defective Essure device have faced. In spite of their very real symptoms, many were told that their pain couldn’t possibly be linked to the device. After all, it had received approval from the FDA following a rigorous approval process known as Premarket Approval, or PMA.

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is one of the few people in a position of authority to take these complaints seriously. In December, he testified in front of Congress on behalf of women injured and killed while using Essure. Congressman Fitzpatrick has introduced the “E-Free Act,” which would require the FDA to withdraw their approval of the device. The name comes from a group of Essure victims who refer to the day the device was removed as their “E-Free Day.”

The victims group was established through social media, after thousands of women faced opposition from officials – and even their own doctors – when making formal complaints about the device. In spite of their pain and symptoms, they were told time and time again that Essure could not possibly be the cause. Now, Congressman Fitzpatrick is helping to lead their cause and get the device off the market for good.

“If the FDA and the manufacturer of the device aren’t willing to remove this device from the market, then Congress will,” Congressman Fitzpatrick said on his website.

Essure devices are still being implanted. The FDA now requires strict black box warning labels on Essure packaging.

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